Kearny Pearson Ford Testimonials

Mr. Doug Davis, General Manager

Kearny Pearson Ford and Kia

7303 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

March 25,2011



Dear Mr. Davis,


I recently bought a 2011 Ford Escape XLT from your dealership.  I am very happy with my Escape purchase!


I just wanted to acknowledge your very professional and amazing staff that made this experiience a very positive one for me.


Mr. Curt Flory was very helpful from the start of this purchase and went way beyond the call of duty after I drove off with my new vehicle.  His attention to detail and excellent follow through shines a great light on Kearny Pearson Ford and Kia.  Curt is such a great asset to your firm! 


In addition, I was very happy with the friendly and helpful attitude and professional guidance of your staff such as Dave Holmerud in Finance, Terry Toudle in Sales and Lena Lang in service.  Your whole entire team came together superbly!


I already told many of my friends and relatives of this positive experience.  Please continue to support and empower your staff.  I also want to thank you for your leadership in making Kearny Pearson Ford and Kia a great place to do business with!




Mike Karim

- Mike Karim

December 30, 2010


Kearny Pearson Ford

Doug Davis- General Manager

Cainen Wong- Service Manager

7303 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

San Diego, CA 92111-1101


Dear Mr. Davis and Mr. Wong:

I am writing to follow up on my continued experience with Kearny Pearson Ford since my previous letter dated April 30, 2008 regarding an experience with Chris Berg and out 1995 Bronco. Since that time, Arnel Reyes has been my service advisor.

Over the last several years, Arnel has directed the care of our 1995 Bronco, a 2007 Expedition EL and as of recently a 2010 F150 FX2. During this time, we have experienced regular maintenance visits, replacement of old parts, upgrade request and major diagnostics. On every single visit, Arnel has exemplified the ideal characteristics of a caring professional, then secondly, as employee of KP Ford. By doing it this way he has always put the customer first. As Arnel may attest, I can be "a little high maintenance" always wanting clear and correct communication, detailed reports of work progress, running costs and flexibility about bringing in out vehicles.

It is safe to say we have has at least 10-15 visits during this period. Never has he told me "no" he could not do something, just what it would take to accomplish a proper repair and the time required. He has always been positive and concerned for my vehicle issues despite times when he was buried in phone calls, emails and other customer issues.

Arnel has orchestrated our vehicle care with a team of technicians behind the scenes who without direct acknowledgment have always stepped up in their thoroughness, experience and caring. In a year of vehicle recalls, government involvement and economic challenges, my wife and I are confident driving our vehicles because of the Ford quality and Arnel's personal supervision.

In summary, Chris Berg brought us to Kearny Pearson Ford but Arnel and his team of technicians have kept us as loyal customers. Please feel free to contact me at xxx-xxx-xxxx.



S. Bell, on behalf of the Bell Family

- December 2010 - S.B. San Diego, CA

Dear, Mr. Davis:


Just a follow up email to let you know that your peoples word is their bond. After Karrie Hubbard help us find the perfect Mustang for our son Brad. We did have one concern that we addressed with Karrie who addressed it with Mike McKenna. Mr. McKenna assured us it would be taken care of to our satisfaction. Joanna McKenna wrote up the item on the due bill that needed to be addressed with the wording to the customers satisfaction. I have had some experience with due bills over the years after the fact some OK some turning ugly. The next morning after taking the car home Lena Lang called and ask to setup and appointment to discuss what needed to be done to current our concern. She was as nice as she could be on the phone as well as when I brought the car in. She totally made me feel welcome and that if it was my concern it was her concern and she wanted Brad and I to be nothing less then 100% satisfied with the out come. I dropped the car off on Thursday Morning. Lena told me she would need it two days to complete the job. On Friday she called me and told me the car was ready and she had personally inspected it saying she was pleased with the out come. She told me that she could send the curtesy van to pick me up. 20 minutes later Mikey picked me up at my door and brought me to the service department. Brad's Mustang looked perfect just as Lena had told me on the phone. No short cuts no settling with this that or the other thing. Lena knew what needed to be done and she did just that. We couldn't be any happier with every aspect of our experience with your dealership. After picking up the car I walked over to tell Karrie that everything was taken care of. She had called me a few days earlier to check and see if everything was taken care of. She came out just to look at the car and make sure I was happy with the out come. Once again asking me to call her personally if she could help me in anyway. Lena had told me the same thing just minutes before. I just don't know how your staff could do a better job. Thank you one and all for the outstanding level of service you have provided our family.




J. & B. Stiehl

- J. and B. Stiehl - September 2010

August 31, 2010

Dear Mr. Davis,


I would like to take a moment of your time to express my appreciation for the fine staff of Kearny Pearson Ford. Let me happily start out with Karrie Hubbard, our sales person. Karrie helped make my son Brad's dream come true. I'm 52 years old so it goes without saying I have bought a few cars and have had my share of encounters with car sales people. They were pretty much the same until I met Karrie Hubbard. My son and I were kind of kicking tires looking for his first Mustang. We made a deal years ago with our son Brad, he gives us good grades and in return when he turns 16 he could have his dream car a Mustang. Well that day has come.  We were on your lot after checking out a Mustang at Carmax that might have "been the one".  Karrie came up to us and asked, If we were being helped?

I could go on and on about how well we were taken care of while we shopped your dealership. Karrie couldn't have been any more helpful or willing to please us by answering our questions, showing us cars, and taking us on test drives. She listened to us and we listened to her, always feeling she had our best interests in mind.  Then she walked us right to the perfect Mustang for our son Brad. I even asked if it would be possible to have the car put on the lift to look under it just before 6 pm.  No sooner did I ask and the car was on its way to the service department and she introduced us to Paul Worral who was more than willing to look over the car top to bottom with us answer our question and share his feelings about the condition of the car. One of the mechanics even handed me his personal flashlight to look around under the car. Needless to say my son is the proud owner of his own Mustang that is better than he could have ever dreamed to have. Karrie's presence was like shopping for a car with a friend that worked for Kearny Person Ford. Even after the sale Karrie has contacted me and asked how Brad was enjoying the Mustang and if there was anything she could do for us now or in the future feel free to call her.


I would also like to thank Joanna McKenna for making the paperwork as painless as possible, as well as Mike McKenna who answered questions for us and gave us some personal insight on the history of my son's new Mustang. The day after we brought the Mustang home, Lena Lang called me to setup an appointment for a minor item that needed to be addressed, that she is now working on with us. I guess the bottom line is, I would like to thank all the people I have listed in this letter for, hands down, the very best car buying experience I've ever had. I would have absolutely no reservations about recommending Karrie to anyone in the market for a new car.  If you have any questions please feel free to call me.



 J. & B. Stiehl


- J. Stiehl - San Diego - August 31, 2010

I have to tell you this is the best, easiest experience I've ever had with a body shop, not that I've had a lot of experience, but you guys have made it as stress free as possible, I sure appreciate that. 

- Debra A.

Dear Doug Davies, GM

Today, I experienced exemplary service from Andrew Dean, Shop Foreman.  It started with assisting me with installation of a cargo luggage apparatus for my trunk, to in depth instruction with the SYCH system.  I am most grateful for the time that Andy provided me as I am a senior citizen.

As I am a retired college supervisor I can tell you that Andy is a fine instructor. He knows his material and can teach it to me. SYCH was a mystery to me and now with Andy instruction's I GET IT!

It has been forty plus years since I purchased an American car.  I am very satisfied with my new purchase of a 2010 Ford Focus.  I'm happy to see Ford Auto Company produce a fine car.  My previous car was a 1991 Toyota Paseo and I'm looking forward to driving my Focus for a least another twenty years.

Best wishes,

- Gloria W.

I am writing to let you know the reason I am your customer...It is bc of Chris Levy and the outstanding service he continues to provide.

I bought my 2005 F150 at Pearson Ford in 2005 and that is where I had it serviced until they closed. When they closed, they said I could take my truck to Kearny Pearson Ford...I wasn-t sure if I would continue to take my truck to a Ford dealership but I decided to give Kearny Pearson a try.

I have been very happy with the service Chris has provided me as well as your entire team. Chris is professional, courteous, timely, and sincere. I appreciate good service and outstanding service motivates me to return- which I have many times! Trish -may be Trisha- helped me once too when I stopped in and Chris was out of the office and she was wonderful too- Your whole crew is pleasant! I could take my business elsewhere, however, I am always treated so well by Chris I don-t want to go anywhere else..and I've dropped more than a couple of dollars on servicing my truck over the past year from new tires to tune ups, transmission checks etc.

In any case, I've yet to receive a survey from Ford asking me about my experiences at Kearny so I decided to go ahead and write to let you know what a fine representative Chris is for your business.

Best Regards,

- Lisa A.


I want to thank Bobby, Stevo, and yourself personally for the excellent service that you have provided me. My previous experience with car dealers was the typical one. Chain smoking sharks waiting on the parking lot to strip the customer of all the money he has with absolutely nothing to back it up. Bobby knew right away what I wanted and took immediate action to get the car I wanted. His enthusiasm make you want more to buy more than one car! You went through the order processing taking your time, not rushing me, gave me an excellent price, verified that the order was exactly what I wanted, and kept me informed of the status of the car very diligently. Stevo is one of a kind, but he knows his stuff. It is nice to have a team around me that is as excited as I am with this car. Everyone was smiling. How cool is that?

I did review your dealership on Yelp few weeks ago and gave it a high rating. I have already recommended you and Bobby to people online who were looking for Mustang dealers in the San Diego and Orange county area When I parked my older car in the dealership on May 10th, I didn't think I would ever do this.

Once again, thank you. I look forward to getting the same commitment to customer satisfaction from the service and parts department, and I will definitely say hi if I drive by.

Oh and by the way.. the car is awesome.. I've had thumbs up on the road already. Did I tell you I was a bit wary about pushing it on the 163 going back home? That didn't last long. The horse power is amazing, and the car is much more stable than what I thought it would be. I was flying!!!!

A very satisfied customer,



- Fabrice June 2010

The salesperson, Karrie Hubbard, was very knowledgeable, helpful, and patient.  I didn't feel pressured.  She treated me with respect.  She was able to highlight all of the features of the car that helped convince me to buy it.  She provided me with the best car-buying experience that I have had.  I also appreciated the input of Stephen Wawrytko who was very generous with his time in explaining to me some of the high tech features of the car.  Both Karrie and Stevo encouraged me to call if I had any subsequent questions.  Because my good experience with Karrie and Stephen reflects so well on this dealership, I am planning to bring my car to Kearny Pearson Ford for maintenance.

- Stephen Werk, June 10, 2010

When I purchased the vehicle, the transaction went smooth.  We have purchased several cars in our life time.  Many have been Porsches, Mercedes, Audi's ect.  I would definitely use your service.  Although I live in Bonita area, very impressed with your Service Manager Cainen Wong.  He was very patient and helped me understand all the bells and whistles. Thanks again!

- Customer: R. Ferris, June 2010

i wanted to tell you,we appreciated the service and help we got when we came and bought our new edge, the saleswman Mo Hansen, he showed us the cars and answered all our questions, he made us feel right at home.He introduced us to Dan Beasley, he answered our questions and helped us with our DP plates.Last but definitly not last, we met STEVO Wawaytko, he explained the inside features,we do not know alot about computers, i,m sure we have a few more visits, hahah, just wanted you to know what great salesman you have, especially stevo, he is a tech wizard, all in a very great way to buy a new car, thank you, margi and ronald rioux

- Margi and Ronald Rioux, June 2010

I just drove off your lot...

In my new, beloved 2010 Kia Soul 'Ghost' and had to write you an email
regarding the exceptional service provided by Bobby Longnecker in Sales
and Farhan Lakhani in Finance.

This has been, hands down, the BEST car buying experience I have ever
had - - - no B.S., no Sales Seminar 101 techniques, no circus-like sales
gimmicks or "introductions" to the hierarchy of your company, just
simply outstanding, professional, courteous service. Both Bobby and
Farhan provided answers to my (many) questions and displayed a sincere
understanding and respect for my time and schedule. I really appreciate
those qualities.

I have and will continue to recommend your dealership to any and everyone.
Thank you for what I really thought was an urban myth....a "good car buying experience"!

With much appreciation,
M. Carlin

- M. Carlin - June 7th, 2010

I would like to personally thank Dan Durbin and the service team at Kearny Pearson Ford.  Dan is a fellow Mustang enthusiast and it was a pleasure to meet him and discuss my car's needs.  I keep my car immaculately detailed with high-end products and requested via Dan that my car not be washed or waxed during the service.  This was something that was worrying me, so he made sure my car was just the way I delivered it.  I will be returning to Kearny Pearson after 5,000 more miles in my wonderful Mustang and every service thereafter. 

This was the best dealership experience I have EVER had in 20 years of driving.


Paul B.


- Paul B. June 10th, 2010

Mo the salesman did an outstanding job.  This was his first sale for the month and he did not pressure in anyway.  The Sales manager was top notch.  I normally hate buying from a dealer due to bad experiences, but this was the best experience at a dealer I have had.  Even today, I feel comfortable going to the dealer and asking technical questions about my truck, and they are glad to help, great job boys!

- Customer- Tim D. June 2010

Dear Mr Davis,

  I am a very new customer. I just wanted to take the time to advise you of my experience with your dealership. My salesman was Will garrity and the Finance manager was Marty Sablan. I purchased a 2005 Ford Focus. I had visited 9 other dealerships from Toyota, Hyundia, Honda, and Mitsubishi before returning to Ford. I am a 57 year old female and never in my adult life had such an amazing experience. I have purchased vehicles and services in my lifetime and gone through the hassles and rude treatment, poor customer service, etc. That typically comes with a new purchase. Always I have felt and been treated according to the old saying "if you are female the salesman can pull anything over on you, as you are viewed as ignorant, clueless and certainly lacking the insight to spot a good or bad deal"- and, of course, we certainly do not know how to negotiate (according to the stereotypes) I would like you to be aware, Mr. Davis, that if all of your sales and financing employees come anywhere close to Will and Marty your company should be nominated amongst all Ford dealerships and all other dealerships "hands down" for a JD Powers Award or something just as prestigious! The time and effort and consideration shown by these two men almost made me feel like there were no other customers on the lot each and every visit I made. I am certain judging from the awards on Marty's shelf, he is valued, but I am not certain the Management, even above yourself, are aware what an absolute gem you have in your employ! Men like Marty and Will often go unrecognized in the workplace. i am so hoping that something special might be sent their way. in this day of struggling financial straits, what a blessing it would be to extend each of these exceptional men a well deserved bonus- if not for all of the customers they have helped, then just for me. My daughter is a senior and the senior class parents (many of them) are considering a new car purchase for their son or daughter for graduation in June. I have placed a stack of business cards in the Financial Office at the school for both Marty and Will. i have also placed a few lines in the weekly newletter for parents to come see me first before they begin car shopping. I am hoping to "give back" to your dealership and these two exceptional men through possible sales in June.

    From the first call made to your dealership all the way through picking up my vehicle each and every employee has treated me with such a dignity and respect-that is just not found anymore these days. Although the purchase of my little Ford Focuswas not a large dollar item by any means, I was, none the less, treated as if I purchased a $40K vehicle! I will return only to your Ford dealership in the future to both upgrademy vehicle and purchade for my children. I am hoping this letter does not stop here, Mr. Davis, that it might be passed on to higher management in the Ford chain. Please also count on me for a recommendation to any potential customers. Thanks you, Mr. Davis, for your time and consideration of these two outstanding representatives of the Ford Motor Corporation. Have a wonderful day!


  Eileen K.


- Eileen K.

Mr. Davis,

 Just wanted to acknowledge the helpfulness and professionalism of your staff who assisted me when buying my Kia Rondo- in particular, Bill Bayne and, later, your Steve W. who conducted your splendid tutorial program about the car. I must say I was bowled over by your agencys policy of offering such a useful service to your customers.

  With each new car I've purchased in the past, as soon as I wrote the check, I was handed the keys and pretty much invited to "run along now...nice doin' business with you." Your company's policy of active appreciation of the customer is note worthy-and I will comment upon it to others.


  Lynne M.


- Lynne M.

Dave Holmerud is an OUTSTANDING Salesman!  First off his appearance and demeanor set the tone right away.  He was very Polite & Courteous, treated us with respect, gave us his undivided attention.  He demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the trucks we were interested in and treated us as if we were his only customers.  Dave has the ability to put his customers at ease and he put 100% into getting us the truck we wanted (which we did)!  We wanted leather seats instead of the cushion and he was great in helping us get the material and color we wanted. 


Dave is without a doubt the BEST salesman I've dealt with ever.  Todd Cher was also OUTSTANDING!  He was also very Polite & Courteous to my wife and I.  His preparedness when we went into his office was very impressive and promoted a very relaxed atmosphere.  He went over everything in FULL detail and provided us with every option available to warranty and protect our new vehicle ensuring that we were not only aware but also chose the right option for us.  Lena Lang is the sole reason I come to Kearny Pearson Ford.  She sets the Standard when it comes to CUSTOMER SERVICE. 


This is my 3rd vehicle purchase there and the customer service she provides is unparalleled to any other service center I've been to.  She did an amazing job getting the leather seats put into our new truck.  Being in the Military I move quite frequently and have dealt with many other ford service centers since all I drive are fords.  She is 1 in a Million!!  The service provided by the 3 aforementioned persons was exemplary and made our vehicle purchase very enjoyable.  Kearny Pearson Ford is fortunate to have 3 STELLAR employees like them and each one of them has our highest recommendation for Employee of the Year!


Very Respectfully,


T. & B. Seitz

Senior Chief Petty Officer

United States Navy EOD

- T & B Seitz - April 2010

To say that I am satisfied is an understatement.  I can not say enough about the sales and finance team, and how several people (Dan, Steve, Marty, Mike, Doug, Farhan) all pitched in to make sure that my purchasing experience was second to none. 


I know how hard it is to make sure that all of the pieces fall into place when a customer's satisfaction is at stake- and so does this team.  If all of the customer's that come though Kearny Pearson Ford have the same experience that I did, I can not imagine that anyone would go anywhere else.  Thank you to everyone that helped make this purchase happen, you all deserve to hold your heads up high. 


PS:  The service department is AMAZING too, not a better group of people at ANY dealership in the country.


C. Wong


- C. Wong - April 2010


Dear Mr. Doug Davis,


Last month we purchased a new Ford Escape Limited.  Both my husband and I have never owned a Ford automobile.  Mr. Ben Diaz was our sales consultant; he was not just courtious, and prompt but very knowledgeable.  Mr. Diaz answered all our questions, and offered additional information about each automobile we showed interest in.


When we decided to purchase; Mr. Diaz set an appointment to review all the systems in the car.  The automobile was cleaned; tank was full, and once again prompt. 


We have SYNC, and Mr. Stephen "Stevo" Wawrytko set aside a convenient time for us to review, and get the most out of our SYNC.  Mr. Wawrytko; returned my phone call not just the next day, but the day after.  He answered my questions; and arranged another appointment, to come to the dealership to spend additional time.   Mr. Wawrytko made us feel very comfortable, and put us at ease as we went through each feature SYNC had to offer.


Purchasing an automobile is a Hugh decision; yet Mr. Diaz, and Mr. Wawrytko were wonderful.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.  I will recommend Kerny Pearson Ford to anyone.  Again; thank you.



C. E. Latimer


- C. Latimer - April 12, 2010

This is the second vehicle I have purchased from Kearny Mesa Ford. I puposely came back to this dealer because of the professional and efficient service I received when purchasing my first vehicle. Because I work full time and have a small child, I was able to get a lot of information over the phone and via e-mail - this was much appreciated. I was also able to explain my situation and Steve was very helpful in working with me to explain the options- and he also kept me informed about specials that were offered and reminded me of ending dates. I have and would recommend this dealership to friends and family who are looking to purchase a Ford vehicle.


Mr. Davis,

First let me take a moment to tell you about myself and my family. We bought our first car from Pearson in the early 60's when we moved to San Diego. Since then we have been loyal customers for both purchases of cars both new and used and for the service department. It seems like we worked with Stu over there since I was a child!

Anyway after about 16 cars purchased by  our extended family we were very sad to hear that Pearson was merging, but understood it was a sign of the times.


Reluctantly (because I am stubborn and nostalgic) I finally drove in last Friday after hearing your radio commercial to see about my brake light not working. You see I bought a total of 4 new bulbs trying to fix it myself before realizing that I should take it to the professionals.


At last; here is where you come in:


As soon as I got out of my car,  a very nice young lady on a crutch I might add (you slave driver) showed me to the service entrance. I was then greeted by a woman that immediately asked how she could help. While I was telling her my light story another person (possibly "Brian") walked over and said he thinks he knows what the problem was.


He grabbed a screwdriver and asked if I would lead him to my car. Within a minute he had the old bulb out explained why the one I purchased did not work then ran to get a new bulb from inside. It worked!


We had a brief conversation about animals and how he was looking to adopt a dog and then I expected to be lead to the cashier. He said thank you for stopping by and have a great day. I explained that I did not complete any paperwork and did not pay yet. He said don't worry about it and come back soon.


I thought I was in Mayberry 1965 or something. It blew me away. Such service, especially since it was my first time there. He did not know me or if I was even still under warranty (which I am). I told him how nice I thought the entire experience was and that they had my lifelong business from now on!


I drove away with my mouth dropped open but smiling and have since told everyone I run into about Kearny Pearson Ford and that they should go there.


Thank you for having such a wonderful staff and for setting the bar high for customer service. I realize that this was a small part of what you and your staff must do all of the time but it sure made my day!


Keep up the GREAT work.


Susan Rosenberg

PETCO Foundation

National Adoptions and Disaster Relief Manager


- S. Rosenberg - February 2010

One thing I forgot to mention is that I called to talk to the Service Manager to tell them about my experience. He too was just wonderful. He took the time to listen and engage in a brief conversation about customer service. I left the phone call really feeling great. Sometimes you feel like they are just pacifying you and hoping you will hang up soon even when expressing a compliment but not this time. He even asked if I would introduce myself to him on my next visit.


I have been in customer service most of my life and I believe that you should not only complain when necessary (to help their business) but to be sure to take the time to send a compliment when someone has gone the extra mile.


Thanks for listening.


Susan Rosenberg

PETCO Foundation

National Adoptions and Disaster Relief Manager

9125 Rehco Road

San Diego CA 92121


- S. Rosenberg - February 2010

Great group of people to work with! Returned the F-series yesterday after hearing a strange noise. The dealership listened closely to my concerns and did a follow up inspection. It was discovered that some of the parts repaired in November turned out to be faulty. The dealership replaced all parts from this November service to ensure there would be no other issues going forward. Nothing comes to mind. I had a very pleasant experience. I consider myself part of the Ford family from the Ford Motor Racing to my humble F-150.

- Mark Menard - Januray 2010

Great Experience! Excellent Salesperson!

Steve Etheredge did a great job in taking care of all the details.

- January 2010

Both the sales rep and the finance rep were very good. I would probably not have purchased the warranty but the finance rep spent a bit of time convincing me and I folded! I am a contractor, my last 4 pickups have been Ford and I have a family member who has driven a Mustang and I had an Expedition when my kids were younger. We love Ford and really respect the position the company took concerning the government bailout. I will not buy a GM so service, experience and political point of view and point directly to Ford. Kearny Mesa was the most anxious to make a deal and find the truck with the features I wanted. Great job all around!

- St. Thomas Enterprises Inc.- January 2010

Bill Bayne was the BEST salesperson I've ever dealt with! Thanks a million for a wonderful experience!

- David Simpson - Januray 2010

Awesome Experience! I am 50 years old and this is my first Ford. I have been a Chevy man my entire life. I bought a Ford because they did not take the government stimulus package. Thanks for standing on your own two feet!

- Michael Bryant - January 2010

The efficiency and professionalism! I am a firm believer when you do a job, do the job the job right the first time. Kearny Pearson Ford is a prime example of that. As an extra touch, they wash the exterior of the vehicle.

- Michael Schearing - Januray 2010

January 4, 2010

Dear Kearny Pearson Ford,

At the end of November we started to receive notice regarding safety campaign 09S09. Because of the large number of vehicles affected by this notice, I was not looking forward to facilitating getting this recall issue addressed for the dozens of Ford vehicles here on campus.

What a pleasant surprise it was, however, to get this done. As our main point of contact, Lucas Crandall did a great job facilitating getting all of the work addressed on the vehicles we brought over in the last two weeks. Picking vehicles up was also a first class experience. I never waited more than a minute to have your service team bring up a vehicle after signing the paperwork at the cashier's desk.

Your service operation is really first rate, and deserves the highest accolades Ford can offer. To hsow my appreciateion for the outstanding service Lucas and your team has provided, I have sent a letter to Ford to share my positive experienceat your dealership. Thanks for the great service.

Most Sincerely,

Gregory Nishihira

Business Manager

UC San Diego Fleet Services

(858) 822-4443


- Gregory Nishihira - January 2010

Hi Cainen,


I just wanted to thank you for all the extra attention that you have shown us in trying to resolve our service issue with the Fusion Hybrid.  I know it was a diagnostic dilemma for you and your staff. We really felt that you went the extra mile to get to the bottom of the problem.  The car seems to be performing well, and I am glad to have it back.  I also appreciated the detailing of the car that you performed before returning it to me today.  I think it looks better than it did when I first bought the car!!!


Overall, I have been thoroughly impressed with all the care that I have received at Kearny Pearson Ford, both in the sales department as well as the service department, and will be happy to recommend this dealership to others who are in need of a car. In addition, I plan to bring the car to Keany Pearson Ford for all scheduled maintenance.


Thanks again,



- Eric - January 2010

Dan - My service advisor was fantastic! He was very accommodating and everything was scheduled and done according to my needs and schedule best service I have had at the dealer. My car is always washed and the service done to satisfaction.

I already referred a friend who bought an Edge!

Dear Mr. Stork:


As you know, I had the misfortune of being rear-ended while waiting for a red light.  Being in an auto accident is never a pleasant experience- but I must say, you made it as painless as possible.  I was most appreciative of the fact that you dealt with Farmer's Insurance- and I was quite frustrated in my communications with them.  I realize I was rather adamant about having a Honda bumper replaced on my Civic.  Instead of supporting Farmer's recommendation to place a "generic" bumper on my 2008 vehicle, you supported me.  And how you managed it, I do not know, but you succeeded in obtaining that Honda bumper.  My car looks wonderful.  Also want to commend you on always keeping in touch with me to let me know the status of the repair.  You are certainly an asset to your company.


As a professor of advertising and marketing, I know firms spend a great deal on advertising their services to the public.  But there is no greater advertising than word-of-mouth - and I will be sure to sing the praises of Sunroad Collision Center to others who find themselves in my situation.  And, I will specifically direct them to you.


With kind regards, and many thanks,



B. Mueller, Ph.D.


- B. Mueller - December 2009



Thank you so much for all your help with my car and for keeping me informed of what's going on with everything.  I really really appreciated it!


R. Wall


p.s. My car looks Beautiful! Thanks!


- R. Wall - December 2009

Letter of Appreciation


I want to extend my sincere appreciation for my recent vehicle purchasing experience with Kearny Pearson Ford to the following personnel:


Karrie L. Hubbard

Dan Beasley

Joanna K. McKenna

Stephen "Stevo" Wawrytko


This team provided me with the best experience in vehicle buying since my first car purchase in 1965!


I initially made an online inquiry one evening around 9pm. Within 5 minutes, Karrie called me! I knew then that this was the person with whom I wanted to work. Karrie was warm, friendly and knowledgeable. I was confident she would get me the truck I wanted. We met the next day and worked right through the buying process without any problems.


Dan Beasley was also very helpful. He provided answers and tracked down information and provided answers when Karrie was temporarily away from her desk. Another great employee!


Joanna McKenna provided me with all the information I needed on financing, insurance and special services. She thoroughly covered all the material, answered my questions and expertly completed the final paperwork.


"Stevo" Wawrytko - what can I say! He was 'the man' when it came to explaining and demonstrating my truck from front to rear, top to bottom. A veritable encyclopedia of useful information provided in a manner I can understand. Great Job!


Thanks for the wonderful buying experience. I look forward to many happy miles in my 2009 F150 and continued association with Kearny Pearson Ford.


T. Cookson


- T. Cookson - November 2009

Dear Sir,

We just spent three hours with Bobby Longnecker.  He was very helpful and professional in his assistance.   He showed us three models in both Ford and Kia models.  I thanked him for not being a high pressure salesman.  He is a credit to your business. 

- T.M.


Mr. Davis,


    My husband and I just bought a Jeep Commander from your dealership, and we just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed having Ben Diaz as our salesman.  We told him what we were looking for in a vehicle and he pointed us in the right direction.  He was very eager to help us but at the same time not once did we feel pressured or rushed to make this decision, which is really hard to find when buying a vehicle.  He made the whole process very comfortable for us.  Ben is a big part of why we decided to give your dealership our business.  There should be more salesman like him.  Thank you for your time.


J. Dye


- J. Dye - November 2009

I drove about 45 miles out of my way and past dealerships to purchase my car.

Sales [people] were great! Decided to try service - it was great and worth the drive!

I recommend Kearny Pearson to all the people I know. I've been connected with the dealership throughout my life & know their reputation. They pass the mark!


- Paula S. - November 2009

We would like to thank our salesman Bobby for making us feel so welcome and working with us to get the vehicle we wanted, at a price we could afford.

I have owned GM cars all my life, my father sold GM cars for 48 years, but post the Government bail out and their current ownership of GM (I now call Government Motors) I refuse to buy a GM car ever again.

We shopped around for many different models: we wanted to buy American, so we went with Ford. Sure glad we did, it is a well made car with many well thought out conveniences.

Thank you for not taking the bail out money.



- Joseph F. - November 2009

Ben Diaz and Todd Sher did a great job with my sale and paperwork.  I was contacted promptly to finish some things on my car that could not be done at the time of sale.  Len Lang also does a great job for you with Customer Service.  I love my Mustang and woul drecommend your cars and Dealership to my friends.

November 2009

- M.B.

I haven't owned an American vehicle for 20 years but I felt good about buying a Ford!

November 2009


Sales person and Sales Manager wer very nice and helped me a lot. Thank You.

November 2009

- A. Akbar

I am extremely happy with how I was treated; the service, & the price for my car! I LOVE MY CAR - I would recommend KP Ford to anyone!

- DEALIX - Aug 2009

We decided to buy a Ford Escape from them and they were outstanding. Treaded us very well from the Sales Team finance team and staff in general. We are very happy and highly recommend Kearny Pearson Ford. Thank You for your recommendation.

- DEALIX - Aug 2009

Bill Bayne, my sales rep at Kearny Pearson Ford in San Diego, was absolutely TERRIFIC. He worked tirelessly to find the car that fit my specifications. Bill also managed to calm my anxiety about not being able to get the deal done before the CARS funds ran out! Bill was outstanding, and I'm anxious to recommend him (and Kearny Pearson Ford) to all of the car-shoppers I talk with in the future.

- DEALIX - Aug 2009


Sales Customer


Kearny Pearson Ford,

Subj: Letter of Appreciation

1. This is to express my deepest appreciation for the outstanding customer service I received during my resent purchase of my 2009 Escape. As soon as I walked into the dealership I was welcomed by Mr. Daniel Veza who made me feel right at home and was very perfessional. Once I let him know what I was looking for he preceded to show me what he had available. This may all sound routine but the best part of the deal is during our conversation we discovered we were both Viet Nam Veterans. It feels great to have a since of trust with the saleperson whom is working with you. I felt at ease. This made the transition that more helpful. Mr. Veza, the Sales Management Team and the Finance Team went beyound the ordinary to ensure the very best possible deal was available for me. Thay need to be commended for outstanding customer service.

2. With the return of our veterans from overseas, I feel a great trust with Kearny Pearson Ford to ensure our Veterans are taken care of when needing a new Ford product. I just needed for you to know you have one outstanding dealership taking care of our Veterans and has my devoted customer appreciation.

R.F. MSC,CCFP, US Navey Retired




I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the great deal you provided to us. You made the transition easy, and made us feel comfortable. From the moment we talked and discovered that you were a fellow Viet Nam veteran I knew we would be able to trust each other. You are truly a great trustworthily man. I will recommend all my Veteran brothers to you and you alone. We are all brothers in arms and stick together. Feel free to contact me for anything anytime.


Thank You



S. F.


- R. F. - June 2009

Service Customer:

General Service Manager
Kearny Pearson Ford

Dear Sir,

     I want to express my appreciation and a thank you for the very professional way my recent repairs were handled due to the conttact I had with Arnel Reyes- my service advisor.
     He was very efficient, courteous, and diligent in providing me with EXCELLENT information and status updates.
     Due to his efforts and sincerity of both of the diagnosis of my car's problem, I felt that I was properly taken care of. He exemplified the meaning of "customer service".

     Thank you and please thank Arnel,

 Steve J.

- Steve J. - June 2009

Service Customer:

General Manager
Kearny Pearson Ford

We just recieved your newsletter and thought this is the perfect opportunity to let you know how pleased we are with Kearny Pearson Ford. We have only been with you since this year but are so pleased the we left Mossy for you. Lena Lang has been our service advisor since we came to you.
She is beyond an advisor to us.

My wife has had multiple problems with the advisors at Mossy and was pleased to have Lena on her side. The problems are quickly fixed and my wife is happy. That is more than we could ever say about anyone at Mossy. Thank you for having a professional woman working in an advisor capacity for all of us but also to understand the problems from a female stand point and addressing them as such.

My wife swears by Ms. Lang and that makes me and my family very happy.


Vernon A.

- Vernon A.- June 2009

Sales Customer:


Mr. Doug Davis

General Manager

Kearny Pearson Ford

7303 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

San Diego, CA 92111


Dear Mr. Davis,


I want to take this opportunity to tell you about my new Kia Soul experience. On Sunday, May 2 my husband and I pulled into your dealership just wanting to test drive the Soul. I will admit that the commercial got to me and I was curious. Thinking this would probably be my next vehicle, if I like it well enough, I wanted to see what all the hype was about.


We were approached by John who immediately said, "I'll bet you're here to try out the Soul". I didn't realize how popular this little beauty had become so quickly. So I drove it and immediately fell in love. However, we hesitated only  because the car I had was not paid off yet. John said, lets see what we can do, I'm sure we can offer you a deal that will be to your liking, and he didn't lie. A couple of hours later I drove out in my new Java Soul as one of the happiest people on this good earth. John and your finance team made this a very simple and painless process. They made an offer of trade on my Scion xA which included the payoff. I felt the offer was very fair and was most pleased about it.


Roya in your finance department graciously came back from her lunch break early (in fact she never got to eat) and was extremely helpful, quick, and knowledgeable. She thoroughly explained the entire process step by step and answered all our questions.


Then she passed us on to Stevo, whom I have to tell you was just a ball of fire. He was so excited for me and my husband and our new purchase. He took about 45 minutes and went through all the car's bells and whistles. Everything was fine until we got to the Bluetooth part. We were all very surprised to hear her voice come out speaking French. Stevo took about another half an hour trying to fix the problem, but was unable to at that time. We all agreed we'd come back the next day and see if we could get it taken care of at that time. Stevo went above and beyond the call of duty on this issue. The next day he searched the web and ended up talking to someone at Kia who explained how to correct the language problem. When I came back in the next day he has it up and running in English in just a few minutes.


You have a cracker Jack team working for you and I cannot tell you how happy I was with the service and respect I received in your dealership. My car has been much admired by my co-workers and it has not been a problem for me to brag and espouse on the service I received by each employee who touched us. I would and have highly recommended the Pearson Ford/Kia experience.


I wish you and your team continued success. Please feel free to share my thoughts with all off them. I love my Soul, I love my Soul, I love my Soul!!


Eileen Y.

Very Proud Soul Owner



- Eileen Y. June 2009

Sales Customer

June 5, 2009


K.M. Ahmed

Fleet Manager

Kearny Pearson Ford

7303 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

San Diego, CA 92111


Dear Ahmed,


I would like to thank you for all of your time and effort in helping TVC Communications purchase a Ford truck that is just right for our needs in Chino, CA and to locate the same for our Parker, Colorado location as well.


Your service has been outstanding and I would recommend you and Kearny Pearson Ford to anyone.




D. M. H.


- D. M. H. - June 2009

Sales Customer


"In 1976 I was in business with a partner in Mission Valley. The business complex our offices was house in approximately fifteen small businesses. On a slow business afternoon my partner was calling Ford/Lincoln Dealers looking for a Lincoln MK IV. He located one at Pearson Ford. The salesman of course wanted him to come right down and take a test drive. My partner has another idea, he said if you want me to see the car bring it to my office. Well, the salesmen, in fact two salesmen brought the car by the office and before the afternoon was over, sold the car to my partner!


During the course of the sales conversation, my partner told the salesman that his partner, (me), may be interested in a new Ford Ranchero pickup and suggested that they bring one by the next day. The next day about mid morning here they came with a new black and silver Ford Ranchero. I had not been in the market for a new Ford but liked the Ranchero and we got together on a price that day and I became the proud owner of a new 1976 Ranchero!


The owner of another small business in our complex heard our stories of a car salesman coming to our office and purchased a Ford truck from the same two salesmen. Three sales in one week because two salesmen decided to do something different! Some years later I was in the mortgage business and related the above story to my boss who has been in car sales earlier in his career. He was a salesman for a Mercury dealership in the greater Los Angeles area. On slow days rather then stand and wait for customers to come to him, he and another salesman would take their new demonstrator car to neighborhoods, knock on doors, ask if the lady or man of the house had seen the new Mercury. If they found interest, they would demonstrate all the features, give a test ride if possible, leave their cards, and go on to the next house. This sales method generated about one or two sales a month and also generated referrals.


I have bought or leased many in my years and have always enjoyed the experience of visiting the dealerships and the interchange with the sales stags. However in the last several years due to my wife's handicap, it has become more difficult for us to visit dealerships. I have sought to shop via the telephone and by internet. I have explained my wife's handicap and asked if cars could be brought to my residence so that we could evaluate them without the difficulty of traveling to the dealership.


Even though, in most cases, the dealerships have been less than five miles away, I have not found a salesmen who thought it was worth their time to bring a car by my home. That is until I talked to Bill Bayne, the Internet Sales Manager at Kearny Pearson Ford. I had searched around for a Pre Owned DTS Cadillac and found one at his dealership online. He responded to my questions regarding the car via internet and wanted to know how soon I could some and see the car. When I explained that my wife was not able to come until possibly the following weekend, he without a breath, asked if he could bring the car to my home! I live in Oceanside! Kearny Pearson Ford is 37 miles from my home! But he was willing to do something different.


My time with Bill and the staff at Kearny Pearson Ford, via telephone, was very enjoyable; Bill is a fine salesman and gentleman that I will recommend to anyone. The buying experience was the best I have ever had and we are enjoying the car. Thank you Bill for all your effort on our behalf, I hope this letter will help you in your sales career."


Jim and Virginia Allen


- Jim Allen - June 2009

Service Customer:

"Thank you for the excellent quality service that I have received for my vehicle over the past few years. They are truly appreciated and remembered as examples of good business-to-client relationships."

- Wayne M.

Service Customer:

I have never enjoyed taking my truck to get service until I brought it to Kearny Mesa Ford.

- Mike C.

Sales Customer:

Billy Williams is a very knowledgeable, as well as friendly and accommodating salesperson. He delivers the kind of experience I believe most buyers are looking for when shopping for a new vehicle. I also believe the K-M Service Department, specifically Shawn Jordan and Jose Damien, are fantastic at what they do.

- John S.

Sales Customer:

George made this buying experience the easiest one that I have ever experienced. He and all involved were very professional. This is my 4th time buying from Kearny Mesa Ford and I plan to return to them AND recommend them to friends and family.

- Harry O.

Service Customer:

You have a friendly, courteous staff which makes the experience of visting for maintaince or repair more satisfying and feel more assured that I am getting quality service.

- Robert T.

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